Sophomore Day Narrative

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During the months of september through the beginning of november of sophomore year it was going great i had all my friends, and we’re all happy. Then they started to call me mean names like slut, whore, and started saying i was sleeping around and things like that. The only way i knew to defend myself was go tell the dean the next time they said stuff like this. So i got to school i was talking to my friends Brandon and Jimmy. Then brendon decided to tell me how was sleeping around last night and i told him to stop because first off they knew i told them stop before and they hadn’t. Brendon and I got in this huge argument and he keep insulting me the whole time so i walked away. Brandon who is my best friend came after me and asked me what i was going to do, and i told him i was going to tell the dean what everyone has been saying. He told me that 's the best thing to do in this situation. Once i got to my first period class i told my …show more content…

During fair time I knew people were talking about me but not in the nice way. I knew most they hated me, I knew some were being fake, I knew some just wanted out of this because it didn’t involve them. The day I went to fair was the day I realized I had feelings for Marco, but my sister Jesse told me to not like him and not to date him, but she told me to do what my heart wants and don’t let the drama affect your relationship with anyone. I spent most of the night with Jesse just hanging out and having fun. We went on the ferris wheel even though Jesse is scared of heights. The next day I said sorry to everyone I’ve done wrong I even said sorry to Brendon and Morgan which took a lot to do. Finally we’re all friends again I was a little happier than before. Then I found out morgan was talking about me which really isn’t worth it. This is towards the end of the drama but I had to tell her once and for all to stop. So one day she was just keep mumbling stuff about me and i called her out in the middle of class and i told her to

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