Southern Virginia Economic Development Essay

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Manufacturing in southern Virginia has provided routes for economic growth in the recent past, along with the advancing technology that is now a part of everyday life. It is essential to have up-to-date software and processes at the workplace to ensure production runs smoothly. The Southern Virginia Advanced Manufacturing Center (SVAMC) in Halifax, Virginia is aimed towards getting the smaller scale manufacturing companies in southern Virginia started up, which is a proficient method to bring more manufacturers to the area. In order to learn more about current manufacturing in southern Virginia, I read the Community Profile report from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. This report gave relative figures and data about demographics, …show more content…

In fact, this figure is higher than any of the other employment sectors, including health care, retail trade, and government employees. This shows that manufacturing in southern Virginia is a primary source of income and economic growth. Improving the facilities is essential, as well as informing employees and maintaining top-notch apparatus. Bringing in new employees could also keep manufacturing companies as a major employer of local jobs, since unemployment rates are higher in southern Virginia than the national average. In the future, technologically innovations will continue to rise, but society as a whole should begin to look at what type of employment are most beneficial for economic growth, and what they should change about other types of employment. Additionally, manufacturing businesses in southern Virginia can take advantage of the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA), which is a helpful organization that can provide usefool tools and resources to manufacturers. After all, manufacturing was the foundation of early America, and it continues to provide society with products we utilize every day. It has gotten society through the Great Depression and war, while providing one of the first opportunities for women to obtain reliable

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