Daily Mobility And Space-Time Behavior Case Study Essay

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4. Case Study To observe daily mobility and space-time behavior of individuals, a case study was conducted in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Ayazaga Campus with 10 participants. The study consists of spatiotemporal data collection, and geovisualization of spatiotemporal data in both 2D and 3D environments (space-time cube). For data collection, authors developed a mobile application called “Location sender”. Location sender is an IOS mobile application which allows users to send device location information on GNSS equipped mobile devices. This location information is collected on dedicated web services to store on the database server for any kind of spatial analysis, such as real-time tracking, visualizing, mapping, etc. The database server stores WGS-84 geographic coordinates when the user request via the IOS mobile application. To reduce server expenses, cloud services are preferred for database server and running web services. Location sender also enables…show more content…
She comes to work at 8.33 am. and approximately an hour later, she walks to the library. She spends about one and a half hours in the library and walks back to the student cafe. After a while, she meets a friend at the Student Union and heads to restaurant for lunch. Then, she walks to the Rectorate to drop some documents and stops by market for a couple of minutes. She gets back to the office at around 15.00 pm. She works two and a half hours more and walks to the sport center for her Zumba class. In between, she stops by the cash machine (Figure 5). This visualization shows an individual action space, including a typology of actual action spaces and a simulation model. Within 9 hours, she visited different places and stays at those places about 8,5 hours. This may give us an idea how much time she spends on travel. The distinction between time spent on activities and travel time is important in terms of mobility (adopted from Drewe,

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