Sparkle: A Short Story

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“Are sure this is going to work?” I whispered to Sparkle. The culling happened daily. Finding a group marching towards the city center wasn’t difficult. I knew what would happen if I failed, and that was not an option. The crowd shuffled forward, like the walking dead, some bemoaning their fate, while others cried, sniffled and begged. I trudged forward with the rest, keeping my head down. The worst thing that could happen would be that I was recognized. A guard came and pushed me forward knocking me down to the pavement. “Why aren’t you keeping up, and why don’t you have the sign. Which faction are you in.” He lowered his weapon towards me, and I kept my head down. “Speak.” He, too, had armor that possessed the souls of the dead. They swirled …show more content…

My palms began to sweat. “I’m sorry; I just found clothes to wear.” “A thief after all of that. Didn’t all of you thieves learn your lesson?” He said something in his communication’s unit that I didn’t quite understand. “Your energy is not welcomed. You will only contaminate us.” The soldier lowered his gun and took aim. “Shit!” There goes the idea of sneaking forward to get the flame. Sparkle again disappeared. He sought to pull the trigger, and in less than a split second, my arm reached out, grabbed the muzzle and turned it upwards. “I knew I sniffed magic in the air.” The soldier didn’t stop his attack. He quickly removed his blade from his sheath and advanced. He stalked forward and swung his arm at me, his curved blade slicing through the air. I jumped back. Before he could strike again, I blocked his hands and knocked the knife away. It clattered to the ground. “You should give up,” he taunted. “I’m fighting for more than just me, but for all of these people.” I removed my barrette and made the sign of the rune, and my battle axe took form. By that time, of course the other elves nearby had heard the commotion at the end of the line and came running with their automatic

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