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SSgt Cannon, you are a good NCO and my favorite subordinate. It is my greatest joy as a supervisor to make the following recommendations to you in the areas of additional duties, special duty assignments, training and education. These recommendations are a result of our ongoing and professional feedback as well as your preferred team member roles, and cognitive preference behaviors. These recommendations do not represent a promise or guarantee. If at any time we determine that this is not the most effective way to develop you as an NCO, we can adjust this deliberate development plan accordingly.
The first action of development is to assign you an additional duty. I would like to make you the Unit Public Affairs Representative. You are charismatic
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I agree that this would be an excellent special duty assignment since you have been looking for a duty location in the northeast that does not require you to retrain. You’ve also told me that at times the MBE-Active leadership style required by our mission has left you feeling very restricted in what you can and cannot do. As an innovator the recruiting duty will offer you more freedom and less direct supervision on a daily basis. You will be entrusted to recruit only the highest quality applicants, but you will be free to do it in the manner you see fit so long as you accomplish your unit’s targets for recruitment. As a refiner you will succeed in this duty because what the Air Force needs is someone to take potential recruits and the goal they created of joining the Air Force, and refine it to an appropriate job based on their talents and abilities. You will be able to send them to MEPS for medical screening and aptitude testing that will serve as the refiners in your recruiting Z process. The new recruits you send the Air Force will become the next generation of great leaders and followers after we leave. This will prepare the Air Force to meet future demands with a well manned and properly qualified enlisted…show more content…
For training you will attend the Decatur facilities and processing overview. You’ve told me many times that you’d like to become more familiar with the propulsion and electrical sub-systems. By observing the manufacturing and assembly process, you will gain a greater understanding of your primary sub-systems. You will also be able to meet the lead engineers of those sub-systems who can provide you with an unmatched understanding of your sub-systems. It will serve you as a refiner by being able to meet the creators and advancers the United Launch Alliance (ULA) uses to develop our future Vulcan launch vehicle. As you know, the engineers at ULA sometimes come up with ideas that are too far ahead of their time and as a refiner, you can help them see that the Air Force isn’t ready for some of the changes they propose. You will enjoy this training as a mild innovator since they will show you the new processes and ideas that we couldn’t adapt into our current launch vehicle, but will serve as innovations on the Vulcan. The Air Force will benefit from your training by your ability to provide more dynamic mission assurance to current and future launch vehicles. These innovations will result in a lower cost for each of our critical launches while still maintaining safe access to space.

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