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Do you love thrill rides? Do you love sci-fi? Do you love thrill rides that double as the ultimate sci-fi experience? Then you’re in luck! The engineers and designers at ThisIsAFakeCompany Inc. have just the ride for you! Presenting, new for 2018, the ultimate sci-fi ride: Robo-Coaster. Robo-Coaster is a one of a kind dark ride that takes you on an exciting and fast paced journey throughout the world of the Robo-Girls©. Featuring animatronic characters that move and talk alongside famous scenes from the TV show itself this ride will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action! Now you’re probably asking yourself, “I wonder what I’ll be experiencing on this amazing new ride?” Well let me just say you will be experiencing the best of the best! The ride begins when you enter the lifesized reconstruction of HEFT Labs. As you wait in line you’ll get to read the brief autobiographies of the various HEFT experiments ranging from the Robo-Girls© themselves to the Gang and even some younger experiments captured during the rise of…show more content…
as well as the famous scene where Missle lost her legs. All the while you will be swiftly twisting past explosions and sparks of fire! Finally your cart will slow long enough for you to see all the Robo-Girls waving their last goodbye before you are ejected from underground and back to the surface. One last quick turn before a final inertia jerk stops you for good. Please make your way calmly out the EXIT doors and into the exclusive gift shop! In total, Robo-Coaster is 3, 704 feet long and a total time of one minute and 46 seconds. This coaster is fun for all thrill seekers and Robo-Girl© fans everywhere! So come and enjoy this thrilling sci fi ride! Opens at Bodley’s Theme Park in 2018! Manufactured by ThisIsAFakeCompany Inc. Designed by Lexi-Olive Lambert. Copyright

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