Spinach And Chromatography Lab Report

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The purpose of this lab activity is for the student to identify plant pigments by separation of the pigments. Using Spinach and chromatography paper. Chlorophyll a is one primary photosynthesis pigment of all photosynthesis organisms. There is also addition pigment, which are chlorophyll b, β carotene, xanthophylls, phycoerythrin, and phycocyanin. Those assists by transferring the light energy and Light energy absorbs to chlorophyll a. The paper chromatography separate pigment based on their physical characteristics.
My hypothesis for this experiment will be that chromatography paper will separate color of chlorophyll extract (Spinach). A separation will occur based on the pigment affinity. At the end, we could see isolated color levels of orange, …show more content…

When solvent moves up to 10 cm from the bottom, the separation is finished. Remove chromatogram from the chamber.
I found the solvent slowly moves up the paper, pigments appeared one by one. When the separation finished, I found different levels of colors. Which respectively top to bottom are Yellow-green, Blue-green, Yellow, Orange.
We can Identify and label each pigment using the following information.
Chlorophyll b  Yellow- green
Chlorophyll a  Blue-green
Xanthophylls  Yellow
 Carotene  Orange

Figure1. light line 2cm from bottom using ruler and pencil Figure 2. After repeating dark pigment line Figure 3. pigments appear one by one

Figure 4. Identifying and label each pigment Conclusion:
According to this result, the hypothesis can be supported. The experiment demonstrated that Separation of Plant Pigments. The paper chromatography separated color of Chlorophyll extract (Spinach). Spinach leaves contain chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotene, and xanthophylls, that role in photosynthesis. Solvent helps color extracting. The solvent carries the dissolved pigments as it moves up the paper. Pigment moved based on their physical characteristics.
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