Spotty Handed Villainesses By Margaret Atwood

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The imaginative story written above is an exploration on the ideas and concepts based on Margaret Atwood’s discursive text ‘Spotty Handed Villainesses’. It explores and addresses the ideas of ‘female bad behavior’ and challenges the idea that there are good and bad women, not both in this world as well as how society has created standards and a status quo around what a good or bad woman looks like. Margaret Atwood uses many techniques throughout her speech, including narrative voice, metaphors, tone, rhetorical questions and more. These language techniques can be seen throughout the many texts we have done in Module C: The Craft of Writing. I really like the way that Atwood executed her speech and how she uses humor throughout to keep the audience …show more content…

I tried to showcase as many techniques as I could, while still relating it to a main idea or concept throughout the given text. The idea that there is an individual's perception of good and bad and the question of ‘What makes a bad woman, and what makes a good woman’. There is no definitive answer. No one's answer to that question will be the same, sure you can teach and explain your ways to see it and get other people to side with you but they will always have their own opinion. Margret Atwood explores all different views of this idea, instead of narrowing it down and trying to persuade people to see her point of view, whereas she opens doors to other people's views by showing that there is in fact more than one way to see something. The idea of ‘you dont know someone's point of view until you step into their shoes’ well Atwood exceeds that and explains that throughout her speech. The opening sentence to my written piece is a line out of Atwood’s ‘Spotty Handed Villainesses’. When I read the line, it stood out to me and really grabbed my attention, that's why I used it, as I thought if it grabbed my attention it would grab the attention of the audience reading my writing

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