St. Augustine Research Paper

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Saint. Augustine
St. Augustine is a city of Florida, United States of America, in the region known as “the First Coast of Florida”. I’m going to give some information about this Founded in September 1565 by the Spanish explorer and admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles, St. Augustine is the oldest city of European origin in the US territory permanently inhabited. St. Augustine is the oldest European settlement occupied until now in the United States. The Spaniards had previously explored the area in expeditions that took place between 1513 and 1563, in order to colonize the Spanish Florida, and directed by various conquerors: Juan Ponce de León in 1513, Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón in 1526, Panfilo Narvaez in 1527 -together with his sheriff Alvar Nunez …show more content…

Nearly a week after Aviles founded the fort, and then city of "St. Augustine Florida" on September 8, 1565, forty two years before the English will found the Jamestown Settlement (14 May 1607) in the territory of the future colony of Virginia, and fifty-five years before that landed the pilgrim Fathers (26 November 1620) in the so-called New England to found, on December 21, the city of "New Plymouth" future capital of the homonymous colony. In 1821 after US pressure and the need for money, it caused that Spain sold it for $ 5 million and the guarantee of preserving the borders in the west. Florida was a possession of the United States of America until 1845 when it became a status. In 1861, he began the Civil War and joined the Confederate States of America. On January 7, 1861, days before the secession of Florida, state troops took the fort of St. Augustine that was guarded by a small garrison. However, federal troops loyal to the US government reoccupied the city on March 11 current and retained under their control for the next four years of …show more content…

Augustine had a humid subtropical climate, in the hot season average daytime highs are in the upper 80s to low 90s, in the dry winter season, St. Augustine had mild and sunny weather typical of the Florida peninsula. Today the weather hasn’t changed much Saint Augustine still gets a little chilly in the winter. The city is currently a tourist attraction for the rich amount of Spanish colonial style buildings. In 1938 the Marineland theme park opened south of St. Augustine, becoming one of the first theme parks in Florida and beginning the development of this industry in the coming

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