Essay On Joseph Stalin Insecurity

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Introduction Human history is abundant in examples of individuals who have amassed such power with themselves that have allowed them to control entire populations, and often unleash tyranny and oppression upon millions of people. Throughout history there have been individuals who have held an iron grip over entire nations, concentrating totalitarian power with themselves, denying any freedom to people, crushing any form of dissent, and often unleashing mass violence, terror, and in some cases genocide. These people have shaped the future of peoples, regions and continents, starting wars and conflicts, and determining the course of millions of lives. And because of this very fact, that a single person could such a huge impact over the lives of so many people, it is very important to study the very factors that caused these individuals to make the decisions that they did, specifically, the factors and that shaped up the personality of these …show more content…

These individuals show extreme self-love, delusions of their own greatness and cruelty. However these emotions are a result of an underlying insecurity or inferiority complex, which causes these individuals to display excessive aggression and cruelty to compensate for these insecurities and give an impression of greatness. An insecurity for Stalin could perhaps be his disfigured arm which resulted from his father’s beating, or his short height (he was 5’4 inches), which caused him to suffer from short man syndrome, which is the violence and authority practiced by short men to compensate for their height and assert their power. (Rayner, 2014). These insecurities may have caused Stalin to suffer from malignant narcissism. (Glad, 2002). He also created dignified conceptions of himself with regards to the communist revolution, and believed himself to be destined to lead the

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