Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Joley Character Analysis

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Stand Strong with Courage-Chloey Boldin Courage is defined as having the ability to do something even if it scares one. Throughout the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred Taylor shows Stacey as a young boy that stands up for what he believes in even though his life is not the most opportunity given. Stacey is a young boy that lives in the 1930’s and he is the eldest Logan child. This means that he believes that he has to stand up for his siblings, and this makes him have a lot of courage. Stacey is a boy that had lots of opinions but does not always speak out for what he believes in. Stacey shows courage by getting revenge on the unforgiving bus, he admits to his mama about going to the Wallace store and he walks …show more content…

Stacey did this when he brought T.J home. T.J got hurt really bad by his new “friends”( R.W. and Melvin). His “friends” were white and only used T.J. They used for example, when they wanted to rob Mr.Barnett’s store, they blamed it all on T.J. Even though T.J did not do anything that bad. T.J wanted Stacey to take him home because he was scared they would be waiting for him. Stacey decided to take him home even though he knew he could get hurt. To prove that Stacey was really courageous he said, “ He’s hurt bad, Cassie. I gotta get him home.’ He turned away from me and grabbed his pants.” This shows that even though Stacey knew that he could very easily get hurt, he did it anyway. He showed that even though he can be scared, he will still do the right thing. It is really hard to do the right thing, especially when you know that the right thing could end up badly. To show that Stacey is really courageous he did a series of courageous acts. For example, he got revenge on the white school bus, he admits to his mama about doing wrong, and he took T.J home Stacey’s courage matters because it showed his siblings and everyone around him, that no matter what happens to them. Ever since papa left to go and work on the railroad, Stacey had to prove himself to be a man. He has done multiple acts of courage to show everyone that he is capable to be the man of the

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