Star Wars: An Epic Hero's Journey

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Once the hero has received his Call to adventure, like George Lucas’s Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, they must go on to face their first challenge, the threshold guardians, which ultimately challenge their will to take on the burden of the task. For young master Skywalker, the threshold guardians come with guns. Shortly after young Skywalker receives his call to adventure, from R2-D2, the little droid disappears. When Luke finally locates R2, a group of warriors called Tusken Raiders strike at Skywalker, knocking him out. The sand savages scavenge through Luke’s vehicle, until Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi arrives scaring off the savages, saving Luke. The wise and helpful guide takes Luke to his homestead giving him a magical talisman, a “lightsaber” that belonged to Luke’s father, “the weapon of a Jedi knight” (SW:ANH). The threshold guardians, although only the second step on the hero 's journey, determines a huge part of one’s fate, for if one cannot overcome this first obstacle they will not have the will or perseverance it takes to overcome the challenges of an epic hero. The hero must learn to trust the wise and helpful guide and learn how to use the Magic talisman to overcome future challenges and to have the confidence it takes to be a hero. …show more content…

The wise and helpful guide along with the magic talisman help Luke Skywalker from George Lucas’s dramatic Star Wars overcome his threshold guardian, conveying that he has what it will take to become an epic hero if he continues on this

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