Star Wars: To Become A Hero

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To become a hero, a person must sacrifice their life for others. In the film “Star Wars” Luke risks his life for the rebellion by flying his X-wing through the narrow way to be able to destroy the Death Star before it destroyed the rebel base on Tatooine. We first meet Luke on his home planet of Tatooine. The camera angle is a long shot showing just how isolated Luke was from society. This shot is in Luke’s Ordinary World as Luke has no been called yet. He first acquired two droids, a C3 unit and an R2 unit. Luke finds out that there was a hidden message inside R2 from Princess Leia. “Help me Obi - Wan, you’re my only hope”, this is Luke’s call to adventure as he is intrigued by the message and wants to find out who this Obi-Wan figure is.

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