Archetypes In Star Wars

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If you were asked what you thought the most popular Sci-Fi franchise is among all generations of people, which franchise would you choose? For most, the answer would be Star Wars. That is no surprise, because of the overwhelming popularity of the franchise. People appreciate the fact that there are a variety of characters and personalities that are easy to relate to. The director of Star Wars, George Lucas, subtly uses the characters and the advanced technology to get important messages across to the viewers. Lucas also uses different archetypes and mythic symbols to add variety to how we understand the characters and their journeys. The Star Wars franchise has intricate elements that appeal to all generations of movie watchers. The technology …show more content…

For example, Anakin Skywalker is the one they all called the "chosen one". George Lucas was able to portray Anakin in many different lights, because it's easier to do so once the character has had events happen to him that change his personality completely. Anakin Skywalker, once a Jedi knight, a symbol of good, was taken over by the dark side of the force. He became someone who had opposite personality traits and characteristics. He was now known as Darth Vader, a Sith Lord. Darth was seen as an evil man by many. Once a hero, he was now the enemy. This made the plot of the movies more interesting, as viewers could see the good side of the force as well as the bad side throughout Anakin/Darth's journeys. George Lucas makes viewers see many other characters in different ways throughout all of the different films as well. George Lucas portrays Luke Skywalker as a character who is determined, kind, and hard working. Throughout the different films, Luke goes through different situations that help show his different personality traits and emotions. He shows Luke as a hero when he becomes a Jedi and how he is affected by love when he is involved in a love triangle involving himself, Han Solo and Leia. Lucas also shows him as a world redeemer of sorts, even though Anakin was the real chosen one who was supposed to be the world redeemer, not Luke. By using these archetypes, George Lucas helps us see characters in different

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