Stearns Wharf Observation Report

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Nathan Kim
Professor Skripsky
12 September 2016
When i visited stearns wharf i saw many different kind of people at the bridge and that people from all over the place is visiting the pier. Stearns wharf is known to grab people’s attention for fishing, walking around, and taking pictures at the end of the pier. When you see people either walking or driving their car on the pier, it always seems like a place to stop by for whoever is new and driving around the town, they see that people are going on there to look at something so they would follow to. My observation was all of the above of how i saw it when i visited it that day. I also saw when you were on the wharf i saw signs and buildings all over the pier with people going to the places where they either have fish or just souvenirs. When people are at downtown they would sometimes walk to Stearns Wharf or just take the tour bus to the pier where they drop you off at. When I observed Stearns Wharf i was blown away by how many people were actually there on a weekday. Stearns Wharf is where people would like to bond and get gifts, for family about the pier. There is not much to talk about stearns wharf especially about observations, especially how people would be walking around the pier. I did notice couple signs of advertisement for …show more content…

I often saw the Sea Center at the Pier and it was a great attraction to get the people going in there and checking it out. I always observed that people often go there when it is more daylight to observe the whole facility and to check why it is so fascinating to see the Sea Center. I saw little kids running around the pier and going to the beach to have fun on the sand and in the water. Also another observation I saw was that it was the most popular spot at the Santa Barbara

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