Stephen King Why We Crave Horror Movies Essay

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In the reading "Why We Crave Horror Movies," Stephen King writes about why we enjoy watching good horror movies which frighten us. He discusses how our emotions get to the point that we can not handle anymore, and they have to be released. These emotions make us feel anxious and challenge us to do more in life. Horror produces anxiety, but the decisions that we make in life challenge us more. There are many decisions in life that make us challenge ourselves. The first decision in life that makes us challenge ourselves is going to college. This is a hard process to deal with in life because it involves a lot of money. It causes a lot of frustration because you not only deal with school but also with family problems. For example, I had to decide between going to college or work at one of the fancy Hair Salons. To work at Kenneth's or Charles Penzone Hair Salon you need to work full time and that was going to be my only career. I chose to go to college because I want to be something else in life than just cutting hair. It was hard for me to make this decision because I love to do hair, but I also …show more content…

Having your own car makes you feel more undependable and comfortable in your life. You can go to any places without bothering someone else for a ride. It is a big challenge that you will deal with in life because you will need a good job to pay the car that you always dream. I haven't bought a car, but my parents did, and I know how hard is to buy a car when you have a lot of problems that you deal with in life. For example, three years ago, my dad had a car accident and the car got really damage that we could not use. Because of the accident, my dad not only lose his car but also his job, so we did not have a car to move around. That situation made us need to buy a new car. We had a lot of problems, but at the end, we did it. This was a big challenge for my family because we didn't have good finances at the

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