Stereotypes In Prisons

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Something that I learned when watching a video about men in prison is not all prison have the same social values and they are not all the same experience to an certain extent. There are some similar social qualities with males and females. Both males and females join groups but they do this for different reasons. Males are mostly based off of anger and violence. They join groups they normally would not be apart of in the normal world so they have survive and have protection. Women also form in groups but usually not the same reason that males do. Females are mostly based off of the need for relationships and being lonely. There is a lot of drama in these relationships which they try to form a family. Since there is drama females also become violent in prison. Females and males both have to prove themselves or to show they are not weak but this even more extreme in the male facilities. …show more content…

Also, men can also form family relationships or just a relationship in general. It all depends on the people and facility for what social circumstances may occur. Many of the things I will say can occur and do occur in both male and female facilities. Rape and sexual assault is more common in the male facilities. Rape is a really big issue in prison and in a way some might see sex as a need. If someone sees this as a need the way they would get this is by sexually assaulting someone. They have needs like any other human and those would be food,shelter and clothing. This are provided by the prisons and if they are not the inmate has to prove these needs were not provided. Mikayla’s experience really depends on which security level she is put in. The Dayton Correctional Institution has 4 levels of security. While reading an official inspection report I found out there is safety and security is the main concern. The primary concern is the increase of sexual contact between the inmates and

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