Stereotypes In Tv's The Big Bang Theory

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The act of stereotyping is assuming that all members of a group have similar knowledge, behaviors, or beliefs simply because they belong to a group. Using stereotypes is one of the most common reasons why countless people are misjudged. It can occur with the person’s knowledge or it can happen subconsciously. Sometimes, in writing, authors will form stereotypes for their characters to fit into. By using a stereotype, it sets a base for the character to build off of and show change. The writers of tv’s number one hit comedy, The Big Bang Theory have included a prominent stereotype in their show that is fitting for their title. The stereotypical nerd is portrayed in many of the character’s through the way they dress, their vernacular, and their lack of social skills. There are seven main characters in The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette, and Amy. Six of …show more content…

Level of intelligence can be determined to some extent by listening to the size of the words and the grammar that they use. The writers kept this in mind while making this episode, by adding in conversations that were of high intelligence. Many of the conversations that are held between the characters, use scientific words to prove their points. One example of this is found in a scene with Leonard and Bernadette. Bernadette says to Leonard, “I think you are neglecting your own motive, a massive inferiority complex”. One must have a base knowledge of Psychology in order to understand this line. Later in the episode, a dialogue is opened up between Sheldon and Amy. “It was a pleasure having you Amy”, said Sheldon, with Amy responding, “and you can feel that pleasure because you do not have a lesion in your amygdala”. Not only does this quote contain a scientific reference that a stereotypical nerd would understand, but it causes the audience to laugh because of the shear randomness of the

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