Stereotypical Gender Roles In The Media

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Body 2 : active passive roles are seen almost everywhere in the mainstream media which affects family in ways of gender roles. Representations of men and masculinity are often associated with strength, activity and ability, whereas women and feminity are associated with weakness, passiveness and disabilities. The men’s commercials are completely consumed by energetic and active men, who are joining in various popular sports such as basketball, soccer, footballer. They can be seen lifting heavy weights, acting excessively aggressive. However, women’s advertisement does not show them engaging in any particular sport. This distinction between men and women in advertisements can suggests that women are typically weaker tthan men. In addition to the lack of women’s inactiveness, th differences in their facial expression suggests that men are more active while the women passive. The men appear determined focused or angry,…show more content…
Sub2: media influences families to accept the gender roles that have been establised by previous generation. Especially children tend to see stereotypical roles in advertising. Stereotypical gender roles can be generally featured in tv shows movies and commercials which bring up people to understand gender role values from the before generation. Also, men tend to dominate lead roles in movies and advertising. A high presence of media can increase the chances that a couple will get divorced. As a result of these, media has an influence on both children and adults to follow gender stereotypes shown in commercials and movies. Media influences children to believe in gender roles established by the previous generation was correct.
Bdy3: what men’s and women’s responsibilities

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