Steven Santora's Personal Code Of Ethics

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All through history, notable figures have endeavored to characterize or order moral conduct. Similarly, in life, we endeavor to gauge ourselves against what is good and bad. To makes these judgments, we use our experience, elements of our faith in the divine, what we take in from notable public voices, what we have learned from society, from mentors, and from our parents. Since, no has ultimately circumscribed what genuinely moral and what isn't, we each have to make the best choices available. Out of the vast array of possible influences, Steven Santora chooses the wisdom of the Bible as the main source of his personal code of ethics. These ethics include acting positively, respecting others, displaying kindness, and striving for personal development. He acts on the task in front of him and carefully executes with the future in mind. He is kind to whomever he meets, while spreading positivity wherever he goes. He is an advocate of personal development in himself …show more content…

Steven respects others, in part, because that is how he wants to be treated, but more so because Bible exhorts this type of Golden-Rule behavior in several places. This parable reinforces this idea by pointing out that final judgment will consider how our actions, like treating others with respect and displaying kindness, reflect what is in our hearts. The Parable of the Sower provides inspiration for the ethics of striving for personal development, acting with positivity, and imparting these to others. That is, it a pure “state of the heart” of the parable is a verhicle through which one's own endeavors can blossom, one can produce one's own bounty, and spread a similar bounty one's family, friends, and associates. This is why Steven is pursuing a medical career: to bring bounty in the form of good health and well-being to

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