Strengths Of Knowledge In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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When knowledge is used it will expand mans' horizon and open his eyes up to a whole new world and create a new perspective never to be dreamed of, There are so many people with great lengths of knowledge and exceptional talents who aren't allowed to share them, because someone or something is holding them back from expressing themselves. Anthem, a page turning novel, written by Ayn Rand is set in the Dark Ages of the near future where everyone is a unified society and is expected to follow a set of strict rules set by the House of Scholars. The power of knowledge is the strongest thing man can have and all Equality wanted was to learn more in a society that forbid any extension of learning. When Equality was younger he had a "curse" that triggered him to want to learn more, and because of that, teachers punished him for having a quicker mind, since he wasn't equal to the rest of his brothers. In addition, Equality mentioned, "This is a great sin to be born with a head which is too quick" (Rand 21). In the society he lived in, to be more intelligent than his own brothers was almost a crime and Equality struggled…show more content…
When he discovered this, he thought that, "The secrets if this earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who will seek them" (Rand 52). The things on the earth that man does not know will not just pop out, but rather man has to go look and learn for the unexplained things that roam the earth. Equality worked aimlessly to discover this new power, that was used in the Unmentionable Times called electricity, like the Dark Ages' candles. He thought that if the World Council saw this discovery suddenly they would become engrossed with Equality and move him into the House of Scholars, unfortunately his invention was rejected because nothing good came out of inventions if they were worked on individually and not my a group of
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