Structuralist Theory Of Structuralism

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In this paper, we thoroughly analyze the speculations of Structuralism, which was structuralism created out of early attempts to set up brain science as a different discipline from philosophy and biology, and Functionalism , which was produced by American therapists because of the hypothesis of Structuralism. Furthermore, this discussion incorporates the commitments and significance of these theories to contemporary psychology.


1. Structuralism depended on the thought that the task of psychology is to examine consciousness into its essential components and research how these are connected. The functionalism took a different perspective of psychology. Functionalism depended on the conviction that psychology …show more content…

Functionalism drew on evolutionary theory rather than modeling psychological processes on the combination of mental elements. Breaking away from functionalism, behaviorism dealt with observable behavior as a result of environmental stimuli. Functionalism has had a great impact of modern psychology.

5. The principle downside of these theories is its reliance on inherently subjective moves based on their introspection. Additionally, its basis, which depended just on the subjective parts of individual minds, clearly reduced its accuracy. Because of these negative aspects of structuralism, this theory was highly criticized, and, another theory referred to as functionalism was made as a responsive explanation The main drawbacks identified in this theory include its extreme focus on objective matters where the subjective tendencies of human behavior have been completely ignored. Rather than Structuralism, this theory is less focused on recognizing the composition of the human mind, and more focused on different adjustments of the human mind to different environments. …show more content…

Wundt and Titchener 's structuralism played a role in the drive to make psychology a more experimental science, while James ' functionalism helped concentrate psychology on the process of actually solving real problems By understanding the focus of structuralism and functionalism, you can pick up a more prominent appreciation how psychology at the point it is today. The two theories utilize the investigation of the human consciousness at its base; the ways in which these studies are conveyed forward is starkly different. The fact that they are the predecessors of the varied schools of thought in psychology, guarantees that they secure a special place in the study of this

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