Success Is Counted Sweetest Analysis

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Analysis of “Success is Counted Sweetest”

We as people, strive for success and the pride it gives us. We feel great when we are recognized for our work and achievement and it 's a constant battle to keep feeling this pride. In “Success is Counted Sweetest” by Emily Dickinson tries to explain that those who constantly succeed can never know how it truly feels to succeed. Throughout the poem, Dickinson uses rhyme, imagery, irony, color, and metaphors to incorporate the theme.

The poem has three stanzas, having four lines each, it has a rhythmic pattern makes the poem flow together, using the rhyme scheme ABCB. In lines 1-4, it is implied that success is amazing to those who desperately desire it but never keep it. The lucky ones who already have success, do not seem to realize how great it is as much as those who have to fight for, and …show more content…

“ Success is counted sweetest- By those who ne 'er succeed.To comprehend a nectar-Requires sorest need. The whole stanza explains that success is seen greatest to those who dont experience it often. By the poem talking about “nectar” it talks about failure, losing, and everything wrong.
The second stanza, “Not one of all the purple Host-Who took the Flag today-Can tell the definition-So clear of Victory”.This talks about the scenario of war, meaning that not all who won can understand their achievement. Those who died in the war experienced victory because they lost their lives. Last stanza, As he defeated--dying--On whose forbidden ear-The distant strains of triumph-Burst agonized and clear! As mentioned in the second stanza, those who are dead can feel the success way more intense than those alive and celebrating.

We all want success and crave it, but what if we have succeeded but we just don’t realize it because we have always had it decent. Always fight for more and never ever settle for less. This poem can relate to anybody and can even motivate

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