Suffering In The Giver

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Have you ever imagined a world without pain or suffering? In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry the main character Jonas lives in a community where pain and suffering do not exist. Everyone gets their job assigned to them from the government and they must follow all the rules or they will have consequences. Jonas later learns from the Giver what his community has given up in order to have a perfect society. In The Giver, Lowry conveys the theme that Bindley following rules without realizing their consequences can lead to people losing their humanity.

Jonas learns the truth behind his community by the memories he receives on what life used to be like. In The Giver Jonas discovers this when his dad released a baby and you don't know who your grandparents …show more content…

“He killed it! My father killed it! Jonas said to himself, stunned at what he was realizing. He continued to stare at the screen numbly.” This proves my claim because it shows that Jonas’s father blindly followed the rules while doing something that was morally wrong. This is where Jonas learns that release is when you kill an innocent person. Another piece of evidence that supports this can be found on (page 124) “Who will be their grandparents?" "My mother and father, of course."..."Oh, " he said slowly. "When I finish my training and become a full adult, I'll be given my own dwelling. And then when Lily does, a few years later, she'll get her own dwelling, and maybe a spouse, and children if she applies for them, and …show more content…

Jona’s community has everything assigned to them including their jobs and who they marry. Evidence that supports this can be found on (page 60), ''Jonas has been selected.``... “Such a selection is very, very rare, " the Chief Elder told the audience. "Our community has only one Receiver. It is he who trains his successor.”... “ago. We have observed him meticulously. There were no dreams of uncertainty. "He has shown all of the qualities that a Receiver must have.'' This shows that Jona’s job was assigned to him like everyone else in the community but Jonas was just assigned receiver. This job will later reveal the truth about his community and what it took away from him. Another piece of evidence that supports my claim can be found on (page 48),”Even the Matching of Spouses was given such weighty consideration that sometimes an adult who applied to re- ceive a spouse waited months or even years before a Match was approved and announced.” This supports my claim because it shows that they don't have a choice of what spouse they have. They apply for one and if they don't like them then o

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