Sula By Toni Morrison

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Sula is Toni Morrison’s second novel written next to The Bluest Eye. The story begins around the end of First World War, 1919, and winds up around the end of the Second World War, 1945. The background of the story revolves around a hill top called Bottom in Medallion City. Bottom is inhabited by black slaves who were given freedom after performing some very difficult chores. The white farmers in order to give them a piece of land gave away a valley land called Bottom. The slaves were convinced by the definition for calling a hilltop as Bottom; when God looks down from the sky, it is Bottom. It also refers to the fact that God is directly “High up from us”. The blacks occupied the hilltop which is cut off from all basic facilities. The name which Morrison chose for this part of the town indicates that the African American inhabitants of the Bottom were dealing with racial oppression and moreover, they still are dealing …show more content…

She dares even to cut herself into pieces to serve her children if they are in dire need of it. Morrison presents such magnificent women characters in every novel who get the readers impressed. For example Sethe in Beloved and Eva in Sula, both of them express their love and affection in a unique way. They possess some important qualities like love and compassion, tolerance, acceptance, sacrifice, commitment and understanding the need of their, people that are essential for uniting them through the cord of relationship. So, it is apt to call Eva as one of Morrison’s magnificent women, who attempt to bring out maleness out of her femaleness, happens which through her practice of violence to solve her problems. However, it has to be deeply analyzed. The violence was not one of the options given to her, rather it was the only option left over by the society. In order to protect her generation single handedly, they happen to be

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