Summary: Characteristics Of The Indian Chocolate Industry

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Chocolate was first discovered in the 18th century and every child’s dream came true all over the world. Food is the basic source of energy for living organisms including human beings. But in now a days, man had started discovering new methods of producing food through Agriculture and farming.

The different activities involved in getting food crops through agriculture . agricultural practices like management of soil, sowing, transplantation and application of manure and fertilizers irrigation, weed control, crop improvement techniques, crop harvesting and protection. India is a land of villages. Nearly 65-70% of our country is agriculturists. About 75% of the land used for agriculture is cultivated for basic food grain hence it has become a basic industry in our country.

Agriculture which means plowing of the land, seedings, planting and irrigating for the use of people and domestic animals. Commercial crops only help to earn foreign exchange but it also provide raw materials for industries. Cocoa is also one of the important commercial crops in India. Cocoa is grown only in the slopes of Niligiri Hills of the different nations.
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Currently, the Indian chocolate market is worth around Rs 3,500 core.
• High income level in the urban areas are good sign for increasing chocolate business.
• After 1991 India has witnessed tremendous growth in R&D sector, particularly, in the production of food segment.
• The chocolate market in India is around 55 % of the total chocolate market and has been growing at around 23% annually.

Problems Facing by Chocolate Industry in India

The chocolate is reeling under manifold problems. The major problems facing by the chocolate industris are as following.

1. High

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