Summary: Inhumane Job Outsourcing

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Generally, globalism has been attributed to better worldwide communication, advanced technological development, and a higher international standard of living, and rightfully so. However, with all these new worldwide advantages comes a new type of human exploitation. Many companies, specifically American ones, have been quick to take advantage of the cheap and dangerous labor available in most of the undeveloped world. Countries who are working through their period of Industrialization are being siphoned off and used to maintain America’s economy, while their developing country reaps no reward from the low paying, dehumanizing jobs that American companies offer their low class workers. This type of inhumane job outsourcing can only be compared …show more content…

It is widely known that large American companies take advantage of cheap and demeaning labor. For example, it made big news in 2010 when eighteen young Chinese workers attempted suicide at a Foxconn factory (Litzinger, 2). Instead of improving conditions after this tragedy, Foxconn installed safety nets around the factory to catch future suicides. It was later discovered that corporations such as Apple, Dell, and HP all benefited from Foxconn factories, and that every iPad and iPhone could be traced to a Foxconn factory or another small, obscure, foreign company (Litzinger, 2). This exploitation of Chinese workers living on low pay, long hours, and no rights, should be unheard of from American corporations who supply our country with goods we have come to love. And this is not the only instance where Chinese workers were neglected while making Apple …show more content…

Has this type of ignorant consumerism become too important to the functioning of our society? If all our favorite mega-companies had employed all American workers to build their cultural empires, it’s easy to imagine the skyrocketing price of all the goods we have come to see as standard to the American way of life. Or would this huge spike in American employment actually fuel our economy in a way we’ve never experienced before? (insert unemployment statistic). If these huge groups of people were given opportunities to make American wages, building American products, an entire lower class could possibly be lifted out of

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