Summary: Interprofessional Collaboration Model

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Currently I work in a clinic setting as a nursing supervisor. Our team consists of doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses, a community health worker, and many support staff. Our structure and processes in which we take care of our patients involves an interprofessional collaboration practice model. The American Nurses Association (2016) defines interprofessional collaboration as: “Integrated enactment of knowledge, skills, and values and attitudes that define working together across the professions, with other health care workers, and with patients, along with families and communities, as appropriate to improve health outcomes”. In the clinic setting we are consistently working together to promote patient…show more content…
Nurses’ participation in decision making using the team work practice model improves the quality of care patients receive, increases the patient and family’s satisfaction, and adds to overall nursing contentment all of which increases nursing engagement, retention and recruitment (2013). I feel that the interprofessional collaboration model and the shared governance models are very similar in achieving quality care and improving nurses' work environment, satisfaction, and retention. Either of these models would work for our nursing team. American Nurses Association (2017). Collaborative Health Care: How Nurses Work in Team-Based Settings. Retrieved on February 1, 2017 from Chamberlain, B., Bersick, E., Cole, D., PhD, Craig, J., Cummins, K., Duffy, M., Hascup, V., Kaufmann, M.A. McClure, D., and Skeahan D. (2013). Practice models: A concept analysis. Retrieved on February 1, 2017 from
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