Summary Of 1776 By David Mccullough

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David McCullough is the author of “1776” a book taking about the revolutionary war. It all started with the American colonies wanting their freedom.1775 is when everything started building up to 1776 when the American Revolution when the revolutionary war was started. The Americans where done being under the British control. So when the American took action to get their freedom British was not to happy about it. America wanted to be their own country and the British did not want that happing. This then leads to the Revolutionary War. 1775 is right around where David McCullough starts off the book. In 1776 the revolutionary war began, which followed the French and Indian war in about the 1750’s/60’s. King George the third had know about the war coming up and had also talked with the American colonies. The kind was told not be scared of the United States and that the US were nothing to worry about. Next came the stamp act in 1765, which was the British attempting to take control of America by raising taxes, and more. By 1776 the Declaration of Independence was finally signed and said that they were seceding from the British. …show more content…

More of what David McCullough was talking about was in more of the British point of view when describing the revolutionary war. Along with that David really points out the military side of the war. He describes the military strategies used in the war and how they were used. The author described how the warfare was unorganized, weak, and more. In the war there were numerous accidents on both sides. Later on in the book the author will also state how the British decided to take a slower approach to warfare. Both sides of the war had many accidents and mixups. For example, George Washington was low on supplies, so Henery Knox would go recover supplies for them. When Knox when for his supply run he came across some big cannons. Because of that the united stated won the

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