Summary Of A Bridge To Wiseman's Cove By James Moloney

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The novel A Bridge To Wiseman's cove by James Moloney, is about two young boys, Carl and Harley Matt, who are faced with many struggling obstacles to overcome such as isolation, hopelessness and desertion. The character Carl, a 15 year old boy, moves to wattle beach with his younger brother, to what they thought was a short holiday to stay with their Aunt Beryl while their 19 year old sister, Sarah, goes for a holiday that never ends, still waiting for their missing mother to come home. Throughout the novel Carl expands as a person as he goes through finding Belonging, Identity and Neglect.

With Sarah and Kerry gone, Carl and Harley are left to maintain what they have as a family. Aunt beryl reminds carl often of his family issues “….who's going to love you if your own mother doesn’t?”, rhetorical question and direct speech are used to create and add a dramatic effect to the conversation between Carl and …show more content…

This is shown when Aunt Beryl pushes Carl to quit his schooling to provide money for her by threatening him, going to high school is a Rite of passages. “Carl. If you were bringing in at least something the pair of you could live here”. Dialogue emphasise the threats from aunt beryl towards the boys. Aunt Beryl states that the boys cost too much money “your way to expensive to feed, I think you should get a job”, direct speech gives the impression that Carl should get a job fast. Gradually, Carl learns to stand up for himself and his brother. When Beryl chains Harley up, Carl finds the courage to confront her at the bowls club where she has been all day playing the pokies. “If you’d stayed with him, kept an eye on him, if you cared about him, he wouldn’t get into trouble.” This direct speech emphasise the brutality Aunt Beryl shows towards Harley. It is clear that Carl grows confidence and courage towards Aunt Beryl, as well as in

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