Summary Of Barbara Ehrenreich's Cultural Baggage

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“Cultural Baggage” by Barbara Ehrenreich explains the author’s views on traditional values that come from family ancestry. Ehrenreich’s motivation to write about this subject came from the way she was raised and challenged. She grew up finding new things to try and not to succumb to the mindset of accepting something because it’s always been that way. Ehrenreich’s father said in the essay, ‘“think for yourself’ and ‘always ask why’” (Ehrenreich, 04 Apr. 1992). Ehrenreich eventually figured out that she’s “the kind of people … who do not believe, who do not carry on traditions, who do not do things just because someone has done them before” (Ehrenreich, 04 Apr. 1992). In the author’s opinion, there’s nothing wrong to not follow or to neglect

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