Summary Of Our Brave New World Of Immigration By Victor Davis Hanson

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In the essay on titled Our Brave New World of Immigration, The author Victor Davis Hanson addresses the issue of illegal immigration. Hanson argues that immigration is without a set pattern and that today compared to migration in the 19th century is different because people can enter the country illegally. Illegal immigration is transgression of Federal Immigration law and costly to the American government also it is leading to an exponential growth in an already densely populated United States.

Hanson points out that there is no forethought of whether people enter legally nor if they learn to speak English. The author also mentions that there is an endless number of illegal immigrants that have not assimilated. He gives the example of a personal experience when an accident occurred by people driving a van containing three migrants across the border into California costing the state several thousands of dollars specifying that they are a burden on taxpayers and our economy. Hanson refers that they weaken the salaries of poor Americans who work similar jobs. He …show more content…

People cross the border without having proper documentation, which means they cannot get “Insurance or driver’s license.” (Hanson) They would not have a work permit either which means businesses would have to hire them illegally and pay them less than they would an American. Many people are trying to find work but in a slow economy today labor work is not always available nor extremely rewarding. Having not identity they can also utilize illegal means to make a living. Which leads to a definite increase in the crime rate in America. Today things have changed, and illegal migration is given amnesty in the form of temporary programs which allow them to stay here in the United states but are not given the right to

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