50 Years Ago Immigration Changed America Analysis

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In the article “50 Years Ago, Immigration Changed America” by Kenneth T. Walsh it explains the impact of immigration, legal and illegal, on the United States. Immigration is a controversial issue now in whether people who migrate over are boosting or declining our economy and what will be done about it. Immigration and its laws have changed significantly over the years and have greatly affected the United States whether people believe positive or negative and statistics need to be shown to prove it. Walsh tries to show how things have changed overtime. Immigration is often talked about due to the presidential election this year. The two presidential candidates have very different views on immigrants. The Democratic Party believes that immigrants boost our economy and they should be able to stay. Meanwhile the Republican Party believes we should kick immigrants out and build a wall between the United States and Mexico, so it is harder for people to migrate over (Walsh). Over the years the laws involving immigration have changed as the world changed. People who are against immigration often believe that immigrants are putting a strain on the economy. They believe that people who are illegally staying in the United States are using the resources and benefits Americans have worked towards for nothing. People who believe that immigrants …show more content…

The article does not get in-depth with situations and circumstances in which immigration has changed specifically and impacted people. The article also does not explain events in which immigration and its laws have affected people and into specific events which involve immigrants. Immigration facts and statistic should be displayed and people should be able to see everything that actually goes on. Immigration laws should also be changed as times change because things do not stay the same. The world changes and people need to change and mold things to the modern

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