Summary Of The Birth Of Modern Politics By Andrew Parson

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“The Birth of Modern Politics” is about the 1828 presidential election, which pitted Andrew Jackson vs. against John Quincy Adams. Parson’s book also discusses the events in Andrew Jackson’s and John Quincy Adams’ lives leading up to it as well. The book opens by giving background information about Andrew Jackson and his achievements. Specifically, his success in conquering the Native Americans at the battle of New Orleans and his humble origins made Jackson America’s first “man of the people” candidate for the 1824 election. However, during the 1824 election, Jackson had lost to Adams to which his followers claimed he was denied and should have won. However, Jacksons supporters were determined that the War Hero would not be denied again in the 1828 election. Specifically, the supporters of …show more content…

Specifically, Parson summarizes the issues of the Tariff of Abominations and the nullification movement that it precipitated, the issues surrounding the renewal of the Bank of the U.S. charter and national infrastructure expenditures. Parson also provided a nice introduction for John Quincy Adams. Specifically, he writes that John Quincy Adams was born into a well-loved and privileged family. However, Parson describes Quincy’s life as somewhat of sad one. Specifically, Adams life wasn’t really his own and he was being groomed for his future his entire life. In addition, Adams educated manner and polished style was something that made more Americans feel disconnected from him and his polices as well widening the rift between him and Jackson. Specifically, Adams was an elitist leader of the merchant class, cautious of states rights, a believer in national improvement. With these ideals in mind, coupled with the fact that his nomination of Henry Clay as Secretary of State created the appearance of “corrupt bargain” tainted Adams and his future chances of

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