Summary Of The Gift Of Fear By Gavin De Becker

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Violence is a part of America, and more than that, it is part of our species. It is around us and in us.” (De Becker 8). In a country where violent crime is on the rise millions of innocent lives are exposed to it. Many people use any means necessary to protect themselves from these violent crime such as: owning a gun, having pepper spray or taking self defense classes to help you fight back. However, in the book, “The Gift of Fear”, by the author, Gavin De Becker teaches many different approaches into protecting ourselves from dangerously violent situations that we can potentially be involved in. The approach that took my notice in the book was when a person uses their own intuition to move themselves out of a potentially dangerous situation. By using your intuition, De Becker says that you will be able to come to terms with your fear and then you will use your intuition to get out of a threatening situation. …show more content…

However, a person using its intuition can help move themselves out of a potentially dangerous situation. De Becker says that coming to terms with your fears will help you understand the situation you are in and will help enhance your intuition to prevent the threatening situation from advancing, “Trusting intuition is the exact opposite of fear… It is not a state, like anxiety. True fear is a survival signal that sounds only in the presence of danger.” (De
Becker 149). When in a potentially dangerous situation, you should accept that you are in it and not let the fear of you being in it overcome you. You should hold onto hope and use your intuitions to help yourself to move out of a treacherous

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