Summary Of The Professor Is A Drop Out By David Sedaris

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Have you ever had an obstacle that you had to overcome in learning a different language? In David Sedaris “Me Talk Pretty One Day” and Beth Johnson’s “The Professor is a Drop Out”, the individual’s trials are homogeneous in many ways, this stems from them being older students attempting to learn a different language. David Sedaris expresses the difficulties in learning French in a French-speaking nation, author Beth Johnson take the reader on a journey into the life of Lupe Quintanilla the reader learns of her struggles to learn English when she and her family moved to Texas. Both texts show the hurdles that these two people had to embark upon while being insecure in an environment that didn’t prioritize their native languages. But victoriously, …show more content…

The message in these two texts convince people that by hard work and dedication you can overcome the fear of being inadequate in their learning abilities no matter what age you are or what obstacles you had to cross.

David Sedaris had concerns of being a hoary student at the age of forty-one returning to school, how hard it was for him to learn French and being taught the language by a teacher that often trivialized the class. After many hurdles, he had to cross he then realize that he was being way too hard on himself and that he wasn’t the only student in the class that struggled to grasp the French language. After a while he came to understand that it’s a process and with hard work learning the language will become easier.

Lupe Quintanilla had the same hurdles to cross being from Mexico she and her family moved to Brownsville Texas the only language she spoke was Spanish the school labeled her as being “retarted” being humiliated in her class of much younger students she beg her grandparents not to send her back to school. As she got older and married and had children of her own she was informed that her children were also labeled as “slow learners” not wanting her children to experience the humiliation that she went through she tried many times to get help from different schools to learn

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