Summary Of We Are All Jews Here By Roddie Edmond

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Roddie Edmond was a american soldier that convinced the other captured american soldiers to say “we are all jews here” to save the lives of the jewish people and other “undesirables”. Roddie stayed to his story even when a german office put a pistol to his head.He was in the Nazi camp at jerusalem. Roddie Edmond was a prisoner of war during the holocaust ,he is a survivor and a hero because he used these few words “we are all jews here” . The words he used to save lives were simple and a few “we are all jews”. And the way he was able to save two hundred Jews.The way he was able to do this was he was in charge of all the prisoners so he convinced everyone to say “we are all Jews”. And to do whatever the Nazi german officer told the Jews to …show more content…

What is a moral man? A moral man as defined by google is “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character”.He would not let people suffer he does not like the suffering of others. These Jews were not any other citizens it was his brothers in arms two hundred out of over a thousand American soldiers were Jews. When the german officers said all Jews stand in formation in front of the barracks every single soldier stood up in front of the barracks.“Tanner told Yad Vashem that by January 1945, the POWs were well aware that the Germans were murdering Jews. They therefore understood that the order to separate the Jews from the other POWs meant that the Jews were in great danger”. And Roddie Edmonds being a moral man could not let that happen and since he was the highest ranking officer he told everybody what do in case the germans tried to separate the soldiers by race. But the thing is he never told a soul, he did not want to be honored he was subtle,honorable, and he was not arrogant he would not toss around his rank or what he has done.He would be the type of friend you want he's not cocky, hes honorable, he is strong and has a great moral compass like when the german officer threatened Roddie Edmond’s life he stood his ground and stuck with his gut and his moral …show more content…

Roddie Edmonds was the senior noncommissioned officer among a group of prisoners of war in Germany’s Stalag IXA, near Ziegenhain.Sometime in January 1945, German forces instructed all Jewish POWs to report the next morning. Edmonds was in charge of the prisoners, which included Jews and non-Jews. He ordered all of his Soldiers to stand together when the Jewish prisoners were to report”. The event took place in the last year of world war two and the Holocaust. Two of the most tragic events ever in human history.It was in a time of true evil yet there were people that had morals even through these horrific events they stand their ground and put a stop to evil.People like Roddie Edmond ,Oskar Schindler, Sir Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, Irena Sendler, Frank Foley , Raoul Wallenberg , and many other heros that still may not be known today and if anybody is a veteran or resistance fighter of the nazi party, thank you. But here's a little more on Roddie Edmonds. He lived in Knoxville Tennessee born in August 20, 1919. Died in August 8, 1885 sixy six year old when he died. Barack Obama and Israel honored Roddie Edmonds and that's when every news outlet took up this article on Roddie Edmond. With headlines like this “US Army Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds, who died in 1985, led over 1,000 POWs in refusing to deliver Jewish comrades to German captors”. You can

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