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During the holocaust there were tons of horrible things going on, but there were still a few people who tried to make things better. In this research essay I am going to talk about the heroes that really caught my eye by the things they’ve done to try and make things better. Irene was born in Poland into a Catholic family. She hid in the forest until she was found by a Russian Solider who had raped and beaten her. Rugemer liked her so much that she later became his house keeper. At the house Irene’s job was to supervise the laundry duties which were worked by Jews. She later figured out the plan the German’s had for killing the Jews and began to hide them in Rugemer’s villa. She took well care of the Jews, she clothed them, fed them, and …show more content…

“By 1945 I had lied, stolen, cheated, deceived, and even killed,” Marion told the audience assembled Rackham Auditorium for the seventh Wallenberg Lecture in October 1996. Marion even killed a policeman “I felt I had no choice, but to shoot him.” She kidnapped children to save them from being killed by the Germans. Many people knew what Marion was doing and many helped her save people and children by not telling what she was doing. She took long bike rides up North up north to provide food for the Jews. Sadly, she was pulled by German’s and ended up staying overnight in custody. The next morning two soldiers came to her, she thought they were coming to kill her, but surprisingly they didn’t. Instead the two officers put her, her bike, and food in the truck and brought her to a safe place. After the war the truth came out that the Germans actually knew about her hiding spots because a few of the soldiers went to Marion Pritchards aid. Today Marion lives in Vermont. She has three sons by her husband Tony. All three of her boys are grown and all work in helping professions. (“ Marion Pritchard”)
Raoul Wallenberg was born on August 4, 1912 in Lindingo Municipality, Sweden. He attended school at University of Michigan. His occupation was a Diplomat, Activist. Raoul was a Swedish diplomat that saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during the war. He protected them by sheltering them in what was called the “Protected House.” Later he

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