Summary: The Proposalmist

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I love this passage in I Kings. Our world is so chaotic. The noise pollution that bombards us daily is deafening. You can hardly think sometimes and maybe that is exactly what the world and the enemy wants from us, not to think. The Psalmist reminds us of the importance of quiet. He says “Be still and know that I am God.” Elijah needed to realize this. He had just won a huge competition against the prophets of Baal and then killed the whole lot and he was being chased by Jezebel. He needed to be still and know that God is God and he had everything in control. He didn't need another miracle, his cup was brimming with them, He just needed to know that God had it all taken care of. I really appreciate the response of the physician in this devotional. Patients need to know that thier provider is in control. They are …show more content…

No matter how urgent the situation, it was important to maintain an air of calm and control. In a crisis the last thing people need is someone who is out of control. In the trauma room or the OR when things are going south, everyone looks to the doctor and it is at that time, calm and assuredness can bring calm and focus back to the situation. But patient not only need to know thier provider is in control, they need to know that God is in control. This is the unique side we bring to healthcare that those that don't know Christ do not. It is far more reassuring to the patient to know that an almighty, all powerful God is in control and not just an albeit a well qualified but finite provider. I try to relay this to my patients everyday as I operate, asking to pray for them before we go into the OR. It reminds them but probably more importly me, that it is God, not me, that is in control. I may sew them up but it is God who will bring the healing. When I sit in the office and tell someone they have cancer, sometime I can give them hope of a good treatment and outcome, sometimes not, but I can always offer them the hope of

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