Summer Reading Assignment: The Professor And The Madman

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Summer Reading Assignment The Professor and The Madman was one of the two books that I’ve read this summer and I think it really relates to what Katherine Patterson said about not being enough to teach children to read and reach to people around them. The book is about the making of the well known Oxford Dictionary, and Simon Winchester narrates it. He tells us about a man named William Minor who aspired his love of writing in an asylum due to him being not found guilty of murder because of insanity, and the interaction between him and James Murray, the editor of the dictionary. “He was mad, and for that, we have reason not to be glad. A truly savage irony, on which it is discomforting to dwell” (353) This line is similar to how children can “reach out toward people whose lives are quite different from their own.” Minor is said to be mentally ill, and in real life there are of …show more content…

Lewis’ quote on literature. It is written and narrated by Frank McCourt. He tells the history of his mother, Angela, whom goes through many unfortunate events, including the few deaths of her precious children, and falling into depression. Frank also finds the love and comfort for books later on when in the hospital for being ill will typhoid fever. “Shakespeare is like mashed potatoes, you can never get enough of him.” (176) This is one quote that is a good example of how literature adds to reality. Many of us read for the same reason similar to why Frank does. Books can take us back in time to history, the future, and even another universe. “Is there anyone in this class that comes from a rich family with money galore to spend on shoes? There are no hands.” Poverty, and financial issues are major points that the world tries hard to fix. We all don’t come from very rich families, and we make best from what we have. This quote is another example of how it relates to C.S. Lewis’

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