Supermax Prisons: Criticisms Of The Correctional System

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The correctional system plays a vital role in the country. The system is made of several government agencies that are charged with the authorities of safeguarding the populace from dangerous individuals. Generally, this is accomplished through a number of methods, such as imprisonment and probation. In addition, the correctional system is designed to make society a safer place by keeping the criminals behind bars. The criticisms of the supermax prisons are: Deprivation of medical facilities to the inmates as well as the criteria for an accused to inflict which strongly violates the inmates' personal lives. The inmates tend to suffer from mental imbalances as they are being locked away in isolation. According to John (2013), "Solitary confinement as it currently exists in modern supermax prisons is a practice with some serious flaws" (para. 1). Many prisoners that suffer from mental illness are sent to supermax prisons. Therefore, in order to control their insane conduct, they are placed in dark cells, which further deteriorate their mental health conditions. In addition, the supermax prisons do not provide with self-development programs and counseling. Also, the opportunity of getting released on parole is not granted to the inmates. The life in supermax prisons is rather grueling. Private prisons are seen as a necessary supplement to public ones in …show more content…

Probation and parole officers have the authority to supervise and report the offenders who are in the probation and parole period. Both officers perform the same duties with different types of individuals. According to Pollock (2010), "They have the authority and power to recommend revocation" (p. 391). The parole officers can make decisions upon any recommandation as they deal with the supervision of individuals who are in their parole period and probation officer supervises individuals who have not been sent to

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