Supreme Court Roles And Powers Essay

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How Roles and Power Evolved Over Time Roles and powers of the U.S. Supreme Court has evolved since the founding period. You may hear things like is that what the Founding Fathers might have wanted or that not what they wanted for us. However, there is no real ideal of what our Founding Fathers really wanted for America. Roles and powers has changed during time by methods of constitutional interpretation and the way courts promote both the common good and individual liberty.
The Constitutional interpretation is when the judiciary uses methods and strategies to interpret the law. There are four common methods of constitutional interpretation. The first method is Textualism, literalism, or strict constitution, which involves looking at meaning of words in the …show more content…

While individual liberty are the rights that an individual is granted. Some individual liberties and common good the court had promoted are the Executive Order 8802. Which made nondiscrimination in employment. Another one is the Executive Order 9981. Another important action was Executive Order 11246 created an enforcement of affirmative action. Same with the Philadelphia Plan but created affirmative action in federal employment. Then in 2000, they had the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 34, which in then regarded nondiscrimination in education with four different part. Part 100 stating is prohibits discrimination on race, color, or national origin. Then had Part 104, 106, and 110, which prohibits discrimination on disability, sex, and age. As we do not know entirely what our Founding Fathers really wanted we know that they wanted a republic not a democracy. They were looking for what is best for everyone else. We will always have difficulties with our court system but we are slowly growing to what our founding fathers want. The court system is not perfect and it never will be but there is always a chance for us to

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