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Surface Plasmon Polariton is the electromagnetic wave that passes to the surface of metal and air. The Plasmon indicates the wave’s passes to the metal and the Polariton indicate the wave passes in the air. The development of surface Plasmon Polariton is achieved by the excitation of photon and electron. When the electron passes on the metal surface then strike on it and disperses into air as a Polariton. The scattered waves are parallel to the surface of metal. Other method of surface Plasmon Polariton is striking by photon but, for that purpose both have the same frequency and momentum so use prism for excitation of photon. The dispersion relation of the waves represent the level of spreading on the metal which mostly depend upon the nature of waves striking, its frequency and wave number. Dispersion speed are different in different wavelength of waves, so speed of wave is function of its wavelength. The dispersion relation of a wave determined by the angular frequency and its wavenumber like as, w(k)=v(k).k in which w(k) is angular frequency and k is wave number.…show more content…
To identify the characterization of surface Plasmon Polariton by the two media in which one of the act as convex and other act as a concave, when waves passes on the dielectric phase then as a convex while on the surface as concave, (Liaw and Wu, 2008). Recent century of the world going to research on the plasmonic circuit due to having extensive properties like optic and electronic circuit, because these circuit have surface Plasmon Polariton which is two dimensional spreading of waves one in to metal surface and other in the air, (Holmgaard and Bozhevolnyi,

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