Survivor Of Rape Research Paper

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Rape is a devastating occurrence that is a huge problem in our society. In a world where one of every six women have been the victim of rape we need to address the destructive effects it has on a survivor. No person exposed to trauma is immune to the effects that can come with it. A rapist’s intention seeks out the most private aspect of a person’s life, the act in itself is intended to dominate and humiliate the victim. With an act filled with such evil, created to produce trauma and fear, a survivor is left very unstable. Rape can cause devastating effects on a person's mental, physical, and emotional health, all of which can make it hard to heal and move on.
Rape can cause several problems to one’s physical health. Survivors may become pregnant, have infections, be exposed to or contract sexually transmitted diseases, and many more. This is not including the injuries obtained from the attacker during the …show more content…

Rape is a way in which the attacker intends to humiliate the victim, to control, and to terrorize. By its very nature, rape is designed to bring out traumatic effects. The attack is forcing the victim to participate in the very crime against them, which they can not prevent or control. Rape leaves a person helpless. There are many different ways a survivor of rape will cope. These ways may even be damaging to their own health; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The survivors will not respond to the assault in the same ways, due to the nature of their attack or their own behavior. However, rape will leave long lasting effects on a survivor’s physical, mental, and emotional health. These health effects can disrupt their own life and make it difficult for them to adjust. It is important we acknowledge these different effects victims or rape go through, and the many different ways people experience them, in order to effectively help

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