Suspense In Dracula

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Gothic Fiction is a sub-genre of fiction that was introduced in the late eighteenth to early nineteenth century. Gothic fiction focuses on the world of the supernatural clashing with man’s idea of reality. Gothic literature combines the elements of horror, such as death and suspense, as well as romantic elements such as nature and high levels of emotions. These combined create a fearful atmosphere that keeps the reader in suspense throughout the entire novel. Written in the late eighteenth century, the gothic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker uses elements such as the innocent damsel in distress, unexplained threatening weather, and the gloomy isolated castle setting, to maintain an atmosphere of fear and suspense. A damsel in distress is an innocent woman who becomes lured away by a tyrannical man and becomes victim to the cruel circumstances, for these reasons she needs a male character to rescue and protect her. Lucy Westenra is a nineteen year old girl living with her mother in London, England. Lucy is portrayed as a sweet, pure and vulnerable woman. She is first introduced by Mina Murray through a series of letter written between the two regarding her three suitors: John Seward, Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood. It is no surprise when Lucy suddenly becomes stricken with an unexplained illness, that she relies on the three men as well …show more content…

While traveling to Count Dracula’s castle Jonathan Harker becomes nervous, throughout his travels the locals have been warning him of an impending danger awaiting him at Count Dracula's castle. As Dracula's carriage approaches to bring Jonathan to the castle the once calm weather becomes dark as a storm comes into view, “There were dark, rolling clouds overhead, and in. the air the heavy, oppressive sense of thunder. It seemed as though the mountain range had separated two atmospheres, and that now we had

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