Suspense In The Hot Zone

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“The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston is a very attention grabbing book that grabs your attention through, gruesome details and suspense. I particularly favored some parts of the book because of the gruesome details that Richard Preston used. First, I loved the part in the hospital after Charles Monet was rushed into an emergency room, after vomiting in the waiting room. “He becomes dizzy and utterly weak, and his spine goes limp and nerveless and he loses all sense of balance. The room is turning around and around. He is going into shock. He leans over, head on his knees, and brings up an incredible quantity of blood from his stomach and spills it onto the floor with a gasping groan.”(Preston 23-24). This caused a lot of suspense in the story, …show more content…

For example, on page 94, Nancy Jaax realizes that Ebola can be transmitted through air, “It probably traveled through the air in aerosolized secretion. That was when I knew that Ebola can travel through the air.” However, on page 95, it goes to Mr. Yu G., a victim of Ebola, and how he died from it, “ Yu. G. went into shock and died with blood running from the orifices of his body … Mr. Yu. G. was the first identified case, the index case, in an outbreak of an unknown virus.” This causes a lot of confusion and made me easily forget about things that previously happened in the book. This has nothing to do with the last page we ended on and it frustrated me throughout the book that this happened continuously. Overall,“The Hot Zone” is a very good book and I would recommend others to read it. I loved the detail that Richard Preston put into the book and how he made his point across very clearly about Ebola. He is a very good write and I am glad that I got a chance to read this book because it taught me about Ebola and other viruses as well. This is a very good novel and I am looking forward to seeing more of his writing or maybe even looking at others that he has already

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