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Etihad Airways started operations in November 2003, and in 10 years has become one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation industry. It is governed by a board of directors chaired by HH Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The vice chairman is HH Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The company operates in terms of its founding legislation and the Articles of Association. The airline has received a wide range of awards that reflect its position as one of the world’s most sought after and leading premium airline brands. Worth mentioning is ‘World’s Leading Airline’ at the World Travel Awards for five glorious years from 2009 till 2013, both years inclusive. Etihad Airways also owns almost 30 percent
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This means they have myriads of tastes and want different things that are compatible with their tastes. Hence a target market is tactfully divided into discrete segments with groups that are consisted of people with similar needs and requirements. This process is called Market Segmentation and the Airline has efficiently used this trait of business to identify market opportunities and meet marketing objectives. Segmentation has given this airline a better understanding of its customers, the service they require, their timings of requirements and their modes of payments for such services. For introducing such a lavish service, the airline has to focus both on business VIP travellers and price insensitive leisure travellers. Etihad has always followed a traditional approach adopted by legacy carriers for segmentation and this approach focuses on Psychographic division of the market. The same could be adopted by the organization during the introduction of this new service. This type of segmentation usually involves identifying the social class, lifestyle, opinions, interests, behaviour and attitudes of the customer. As this service would cater both the two segments, hence it should be fabricated according to the nature of demand of both the groups. For business travellers, the suite should include an ample of working space and a proper internet and telephone connections, whereas to satisfy the leisure travellers, it might incorporate more in-flight entertainment features. This efficient market segmentation, if applied properly, will enable Etihad to maximize the efficiency of its marketing efforts by moving the company to use number of strategies for each identified market segment. (BASANTA,

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