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Bass Pro Shop The Bass Pro Shop is known for many things, and being a celebrated retail store that greet lots of new costumers every year is apart of it. This shop is celebrated more by the men and woman who enjoy the outdoors. While being in the presence of this shop known to nationwide, there are so many aspects that take part in just this one shop. Containing many variety of different items, some are; food, entertainment for the family, clothing, and equipment that take part in the activities outdoors. When dealing with marketing, the Bass Pro Shop takes their costumers into consideration, which fulfills their satisfaction and needs. These are just some factors that make the Bass Pro Shop such a celebrated retail store. The Bass Pro Shop uses the S.W.O.T analysis in order to run a successful business, dealing with certain aspects including strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. This made an influence on other companies because they now …show more content…

Having the store be nationwide helps them a lot and even gives them a certain strength that not many other companies have. The advantage that this store has is that it provides a place for the costumer where it has different variety of items all in one place. They provide many things and some are, food, jewelry, accessories, materials for fishing, hunting, and camping. Anything that someone can think of with relating to the great outdoors, Bass Pro Shop has it. Their classes they provide for adults and younger children are well known. This relates to their outstanding costumer service. The employers take each and every costumer into consideration no matter what the circumstance is. Each and every part of this retail store is designed for their costumers to feel a different atmosphere. This helps bring clientele back to the Bass Pro Shop due to having them already feel the excitement of the outdoor activity just as they purchase their

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