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Cabela’s has many strengths and opportunities for its future success in the outdoor supplies and apparel market. However, Cabela’s has several shortcomings and weaknesses as well. First, Cabela’s has the disadvantage of its limited locations throughout the nation. CEO Tommy Millner says that going fast and racing to open stores is not their style. He says “By growing too fast, you get into a rat race in retail where you’re just hiring somebody with no expertise, and that’s a bad outcome for us” (Adams). Tommy Millner believes that slow and steady wins the race. Millner explains that they are not in a race with anyone, and they believe they are a very conservative Nebraska company. Millner wants to continue building at a pace that they are …show more content…

Cabela’s current non corporate-level strategy is their focus strategy. Cabela’s has done an exceedingly excellent job of focusing their strategy to a narrow competitive scope within Cabela’s incorporated. Cabela’s has has taken the market niche of outdoors and hunting, and exploited it. Cabela’s focuses on the market of hunting, outdoor, and camping; and taken the two segments by positioning themselves to be cost leader’s within the market, thus creating a cost advantage (Cabela’s …show more content…

With that being said, an alternative strategy for a corporate-level for Cabela’s might be implementing is related diversification. With Cabela’s stores strategically and geographically placed in the major outdoors and hunting areas of the nation, Cabela’s has an alternative strategy of related diversification in those areas. For example, Cabela’s stores just so happen to be located in areas near ski resorts, and parks and camping hot spots. Thus, Cabela’s can enter a different business to allocate its resources to optimize corporate goals and profitability, cash flow, and growth. Cabela’s could implement this strategy by partnering with the local ski resort and camping facilities to open miniature Cabela’s stores for the last minute, on-the-go

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