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Rationale/Executive Summary Wimpy is a franchise in South Africa that is headquarted in Johannesburg and owned by Famous Brands. The first Wimpy was created by Edward Gold in 1934 in Bloomington, Indiana and was called “Wimpy Grills”. The first Wimpy in South Africa was founded in 1967 in Durban. When Famous brands Limited bought Pleasure Foods in 2003 it acquired Wimpy. In February 2007, Famous Brands acquired the UK-Based Wimpy and became in charge in collecting the franchise fees from the other franchises. By 2011, Famous Brands Ltd had 509 Wimpy restaurants in South Africa, making it the largest franchise in the Wimpy franchise system. Wimpy is best known for their breakfasts and their coffees. Wimpy has won multiple “Best Breakfasts” …show more content…

Wimpy fits into the fast food industry due to the fact that it is a fast food chain and has the same supplies and ingredients across the board in South Africa. This report provides an analysis on the position Wimpy is in within the Fast Food industry and how to enhance it. Firstly, to analyse challenges in the micro-environment of Wimpy a SWOT analysis was conducted to look into the internal environment to identify possible strengths and weaknesses and also to investigate the opportunities and threats that Wimpy’s external environment undergoes. Secondly, Porter’s Five Forces Model is used to analyse the level of rivalry in the market, the attractiveness for potential new entrants, the power of suppliers, the power of buyers and the threat of substitution. This will allow us to see a holistic view of the industry in the market environment. Thirdly, the PESTLE framework is used to analyse the factors within the macro environment that are influencing …show more content…

A big number of people share the sentiment that Wimpy is affordable and inexpensive. This again attracts more people because they will save money by visiting Wimpy. Only 9% of people have had problems with the Management of Wimpy which shows that the management has helped and solved the problems of customers and because of this the customers will tell other people of the great service they received from Wimpy which will attract more

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